District-Z Rule Additions

District-Z – Rule Additions


RED RIVER is a nine-card add-on pack for DISTRICT-Z. You’ll be getting a COMPANION card, six RIVER LOCATION cards, and two standard LOCATION cards.

RED RIVER divides DISTRICT-Z in half. In order to cross to the other side of RED RIVER, you must either drop ROBERT THE BOATMAN off at RED RIVER or reveal the BRIDGE RIVER LOCATION card.



  • red-river-layoutDivide the 30 LOCATION/LOCATION OBJECTIVE cards into two 15 card piles.
  • Remove one card randomly from each pile and replace them with the two Red River standard LOCATION cards.
  • Remove another card(s) randomly for the LOCATION OBJECTIVE(S).
  • Shuffle those piles and put them in two 3×5 grids.
  • Shuffle the six RIVER LOCATION cards
  • Put five of them in between the two 3×5 grids. Make sure the card you removed isn’t the BRIDGE card.
  • Remove the extra RIVER LOCATION card from the game.

Now surviving is just a little harder.


killswitchThe subway is one of the fastest ways to travel around a city. The same holds true for DISTRICT-Z. Welcome to KILLSWITCH!

When SUBWAY TERMINAL LOCATIONS are flipped face up, they stay face up. As you discover more and more SUBWAY TERMINAL LOCATIONS, their true power is unveiled.

If you’re on a SUBWAY TERMINAL LOCATION at the beginning of your turn, you can choose to move from one SUBWAY TERMINAL LOCATION to another instead of moving normally.

The great thing about expanding DISTRICT-Z with KILLSWITCH is that you can decide how many SUBWAY TERMINAL LOCATIONS to put in your game. KILLSWITCH includes nine new cards.



summer-camp-logoNothing screams Summer like SUMMER CAMP. Four camp counselors: Jenna, Stacy, Abbie, and Ann join you as you visit the great outdoors.

SUMMER CAMP includes:
1 Survivor (Jenna)
1 Survivor Portrait
2 Companions (Abbie and Ann)
2 Unique Items (Tent and Axe)
1 Boss (Stacy)
11 Locations

Players use the standard “GATEWAY” LOCATION card, ROAD TO THE FOREST, to enter and exit PINE FOREST. To do this, simply include “ROAD TO THE FOREST” into your DISTRICT-Z LOCATION cards. The first player to reveal “ROAD TO THE FOREST” would then randomly lay nine of the FOREST LOCATION cards into a 3 x 3 grid, making sure the “PROPANE TANK” PINE FOREST LOCATION OBJECTIVE card is among them. He or she may then enter PINE FOREST from the PINE FOREST STARTING LOCATION corner of his or her choice on his or her next turn. In order to leave PINE FOREST, the SURVIVOR has to make his or her way back to that same PINE FOREST STARTING LOCATION corner.