The Survivors


By: Joe Cherry with George Rubio

Before the zombies came, Barney used to be a cop … used to be. During an otherwise commonplace arrest, a slightly deranged perp stabbed Barney in the eye with an ice pick blinding him in that eye. The incident changed Barney. He started drinking, he got more aggressive with suspects, he even hit his wife a couple of times in random fits of rage. The police department kicked him out after he broke a suspect’s arm during an arrest and subsequently failed his psychological evaluation. His wife kicked him out when his anger and his drinking became too much for her to take. He was out living on the streets begging for loose change and sleeping in a cardboard box. He hit rock bottom. Then the zombies came. Barney was in the parking lot of a local supermarket, it was an atypical day, he actually made five dollars and only three people spit on him. As the day wore on, he decided to go back to his alley and find respite in his box. Before he could pull the cardboard flaps shut, he saw a woman being attacked. Thinking he might get a reward, Barney tackled the assailant from behind. The first thing he noticed was the assailant tried to bite him. The second thing he noticed was the assailant was missing half his face! Barney dispatched this “zombie” by smashing in it’s head with his foot. As he scraped the viscera off his boot with the edge of the curb, the woman he saved turned on him. Trying to evade her, he ducked into the supermarket only to find more zombies wreaking havoc. People screamed in terror; cried out for friends or loved ones; or just stood around in stunned, shocked silence. Not Barney. His life had been ruined, he had nothing left to lose, and these zombies just pissed him off. Since that day, he’s been roaming the ruined streets, doing what he can to survive, and killing every walking corpse he finds.


By: Joe Cherry with George Rubio

Before the zombies came, Crystal was already looking for blood. Crystal’s father had always wanted a boy, but when Crystal was born, his plans didn’t really change. He took her hunting, taught her how to use a gun, even trained her in self-defense. As an adult, she was a formidable woman as well as an unstoppable killing force. That made it all the more surprising when her boyfriend of 3 years thought it was a good idea to cheat on her with her best friend. To add insult to injury, he also decided to break up with her through a text message. It was like he was playing Russian roulette with a gun loaded with 6 bullets. She drove to her “best friend’s” apartment with a shotgun in the back seat. She wasn’t going to kill them. She was just gonna scare them and maybe knock out a couple of teeth, break a nose, or shoot something expensive. She was right outside the apartment when she heard their moans. Perfect timing. She kicked in the door and chambered her shotgun, only to find the bloody naked body of her ex-boyfriend standing there with her best friend at his feet. Her throat had been torn out. Crystal didn’t hesitate. She shot him in the head. She knew this guy was an ass, but she had no idea he was some sort of psychotic cannibal too. She stood over his body and spat. Suddenly, something grabbed her leg, she looked down to see the resurrected corpse of her friend latched on to her ankle. This was freaky. She kicked her friend away and shot her as well. She turned to leave only to find more shambling corpses roaming the halls attracted by the gunshots. Barely making it out alive, she now searches the streets for ammo and guns and taking out any shambling body dumb enough to try and take a bite out of her.


By: Gene Ballesty

Before the zombies came, life was anything but simple for Avery.  When you’re always on the lam, watching your own back, and planning for the next big job becomes who you are.  There was not much of a relaxed life for Avery. The thrill of his plan coming together was all that sustained him. He had hoped that one day he would get out of the game. Avery isn’t the young criminal prodigy he once was and retirement on a tropical beach with with sun and women was an idea rooted firmly in his mind.

Word got around the underground that a foreign kingpin came into town and made use of the largest bank vault in the city. Avery found his way to the metropolis with a small team in tow. It was time to make a withdrawal from his retirement account. The idea of a bank heist seemed cliche and beneath Avery, but the prize inside enticed him too well to pass up the opportunity.

Five minutes and counting until it was time to execute the plan. The police seemed to have had their work cut out for them this day. Avery observed a great deal of activity in all corners of the city, with squad cars zipping down the avenue. He smiled, knowing that busy cops meant extra time.

His team in position, Avery gave the signal as they entered the bank. Brandishing their weapons, they eliminated the guards and corralled the rest of the patrons and staff into a corner. Avery made his way to the vault while his team kept everyone else in line. He knew time was short, despite the police activity. The vault was open, a part of the plan he had accounted for, and began to collect. However, only seconds after Avery had began his withdrawal, his plan fell into disarray.

Gunshots echoed throughout the building. Shocked and in disbelief, he ran to where his team was waiting and found them emptying their weapons into a small group that was approaching them. Blood and flesh were torn away by gunfire as they came closer to the criminal team and their hostages. Avery took aim and fired his pistol, dropping all three. He rushed forward to make sense of what had just happened. As he walked over the corpses, he looked down into their cold lifeless eyes and gaping maws growling at him. Retirement would have to wait another day.


By: Elyse Ehrhart

Before the zombies came, it was one of those days. Hope was working at the children’s hospital, coloring pictures with a little girl that had cancer. She heard the sirens outside but did not pay much attention to it, since it was a normal occurrence being close to the street and being in the hospital itself.  It was only when her cell phone went off that she started to worry. She smiled at the girl, before going into the hall to take the call from her sister.

Once Hope answered the phone, the woman on the other end was hysterical. From what she got out of the mumbling the other woman was telling her that her nephew had been attacked by a random person on the street and that they were at the children’s hospital. Hope was shocked but quickly closed her phone and rushed down to the emergency room, where her sister was waiting. She hugged the older woman, trying to calm her down.

It hurt to know that her nephew was attacked; the boy was only around seven years old. Yet she continued to try and calm her sister, and once the woman had been calmed enough, she started to relay what happened to the boy. The two had been walking down the street and a stranger just walked up and bit into the boy. Her sister had quickly called the medics and had tried to stifle the bleeding boy after the attacker had run off. So they were here now, the doctors trying to help save the boy in the E.R. while his mother and aunt worried and paced.

Hope looked up as the doctor came out of the swinging doors, a look of loss crossing his features. He told the siblings that the boy had died, having lost too much blood. The mother wailed and burst into the room, seeing her son lying on a table, a white cloth draped over his body.  She rested her head on the sheet, tears staining the parts of the cloth that were not bloodied. Hope also went into the room, resting a hand on her sister’s back in comfort, though tears were also falling from her eyes.

She felt the woman tense and lift her head to look toward the boy’s covered face. The sheet lifted as the boy started to move. Her sister started to cry with joy, noticing that the boy was not dead. As the sheet fell from the boy’s face with him sitting up, Hope saw the mark that had caused him to bleed out. The bite had ripped the skin above his jugular, taking some of the flesh with it. She turned her eyes to look at her nephew’s face, and noticed how pale he was, and saw that his eyes were rolled into the back of his head. He groaned before reaching out to his mother, and as she went to hug him, he latched onto the woman, biting into her shoulder.

The woman yelped in pain, trying to get the boy off of her. Hope, shocked into silence, moved away from the pair as the doctor came back in and tried to pull the boy away from his mother. The woman fell away from the boy, holding her wound as he turned on the doctor. Finally regaining her senses, Hope dashed out of the E.R. and out of the hospital with tears streaming down her cheeks. Her eyes wandered over the people around her as she kept running, seeing that they were also being bitten and attacked. As she ran the sirens kept blaring in her ears and she swore that she wasn’t going to die.


By: Joe Cherry with George Rubio

Before the zombies came, Caleb was a bit of a creep. He was the skinny kid in the back of the class who just watched you while fiddling with his pocket knife. Caleb was obsessed with death. He played with knives, tortured small animals, read books on human anatomy, the works. He lived with his mother. Many people saw him for what he really was, but his mother had full on denials of it. She lied to herself that Caleb just wanted to be a surgeon. That’s why he had all those anatomy books! He was gonna be a professional one day! That is until she saw inside of his secret room in the basement. Caleb’s mother knew she wasn’t supposed to go in there, but on her way home from work, she was attacked and bit by a strange man. She wanted to make sure Caleb was alright. She burst through the door and saw the horror. Animal skins all over the walls, bloody knives and hammers, and Caleb standing in the middle of it all. Caleb’s mom descended into a stream of incoherent babble. Words like institute and psychiatrist occasionally escaping her mouth. She turned around crying and tried to make her way to the phone to call the police. Caleb stopped her by throwing a bottle at her, she was halfway up the stairs when it smashed against her head and sent her tumbling down. Dazed she saw Caleb standing over her with a butcher knife in his hands. He was quick with it. It was his mother after all and he had the decency to give her that. As he began the work of skinning her, the body re-animated. It shot up and grabbed him by the neck, screeching in pure hatred. Caleb kicked her away and grabbed the butcher knife. He turned around just as his mother lunged for him again. He swung the knife and buried it deep into her neck. Caleb’s mother was unfazed. Caleb just stared at the corpse of his mother screeching at him with the knife embedded in her neck and was filled with such … disgust! This woman was dead! He killed her. She couldn’t just get back up like it was nothing! Things didn’t work this way and it made his stomach turn. This abomination had to be removed from the world, so Caleb grabbed the sledge hammer. It took him about an hour to figure out that the brain had to be destroyed in order to kill the zombie. By then he was covered in blood and bits of his dearly departed mother. He went to the back yard to hose himself off and saw more abominations walking the streets. This was wrong … all wrong! The world was diseased and he realized then that he had to cure it.



By: George Rubio

Before the zombies came, Katie was a normal child. She was quiet, but smart and kind. She was nice to everything and everyone. This all came to an end when both of her parents were viciously devoured in front of her. She was confused by this spectacle. She didn’t know what to make of it. She didn’t move. She didn’t make a sound. She just stood there as something stirred inside her. She watched as her parents’ blood and offal covered her tiny motionless body. It masked her scent. Her shallow and slight breaths did not betray her location to the frenzied crowd. After all, they had a bigger meal to finish. Hours later, the strangers slowly shambled out the open door, full of the meal of her parents. She whispered, “Bye.” and shut the door almost mechanically. She took a quick glance at her parents then moved towards the window. Wiping off the ruby red panes, she peered outside. People were everywhere. Some were running. Some were laying on the ground stirring and moaning slightly. The strangers that were eating her parents were eating her neighbors now. She smiled slightly and giggled. She opened the door and skipped outside.



By: Karen Henry

Before the zombies came, Gibson, a former Army C.O., was a gun-loving, hard-fighting, bad-ass, soldier of fortune. Gibson was the best weapons expert and the most accurate sniper money could buy. He demanded a high price for his services, more times than not, he would get it. But, after a few years of being a mercenary, Gibson became disillusioned with fighting other people’s wars. The money was good, but he needed a better reason to put his life on the line. So, he quit fighting and decided to use some of his hard-earned money to open a gun shop.

The day Gibson saw his first zombie, was the day Gibson killed his first zombie. Gibson had just finished getting a Barrett M107, .50 caliber sniper rifle out of the case, for an old Army buddy to look at, when he heard screaming coming from the street in front of his shop. He rushed to the door to see what was going on. It didn’t take Gibson long to see what was causing the screams. Right in front of his shop was a man whose arm was being chewed off by another man. Gibson instinctively loaded the .50 cal. that was still in his hands and shot the chewer in the head. Gibson always liked head shots best.

Gibson didn’t stop with one head shot on one zombie. As fast as he could get them in his sights, he picked off zombie after zombie … head shot after head shot. After all the zombies were killed, Gibson just stood in the doorway of his gun shop and stared at the carnage on the street. At that moment, he knew his life as a gun shop owner was over. Gibson realized he now had a reason to go back to being the gun-loving, hard-fighting, bad-ass, soldier that he once was. And he was ready.



By: Karen Henry

Before the zombies came, Stanwick was a professional soldier. He was being well paid for doing a job he loved. And he did love being a professional soldier. He loved everything about it, the fighting, the danger, and the excitement. But most of all Stanwick loved the weapons.

Stanwick joined the Army at eighteen and stayed for over eight years. When he decided the time was right, he left the Army and became a mercenary. But, Stanwick always considered himself just a soldier.

Whenever Stanwick had down time, he liked to visit G-Force Firearms. It was a gun shop owned by his friend and former commanding officer. G-Force Firearms carried just about every weapon anyone could possibly want. The shop was Stanwick’s favorite place in the city.

Stanwick was in G-Force Firearms, waiting to test out a gorgeous Barrett M107, .50 caliber sniper rifle, when he heard screaming outside the gun shop. Stanwick soon saw what caused the screams. The people on the streets were being attacked by what appeared to be zombies.

When Stanwick’s former C.O. started firing at the zombies with the sniper rifle, (the gun that Stanwick was planning to buy), Stanwick grabbed an AR15 that was in the unlocked case, loaded it, and also began firing at the zombies. It was just like old times. It had been a long time since their last mission together and Stanwick realized he missed fighting along side his friend.

Finally, they stopped shooting. The last zombie was dead … really dead. Both men just stood there at the door looking onto the street. Then Stanwick watched, as his friend and fellow soldier slowly turned and walked through the gun shop, unlocking all the cases one by one. He wasn’t surprised when his former C.O. grabbed a couple of duffle bags and started to fill them from the open cases. Stanwick grabbed a backpack off a rack and started to do the same. “Hey,” Stanwick said, as he reached for another backpack. “We’d better take as much as we can. I think we’ll be needing it.”



By: Jakob Pfafferodt

“Look, before the zombies came, I was gonna make it big and I mean big time big. Big city, big movies, big Marian, y’know? But not like those actress-damsel-in-distress-princesses, no scream queen fame, no no, none o’this … Stunts, that’s where the action’s at… I had it all planned out … Gave myself all the training since I was 5. Learned most of it from Bruce, Steven, Chuck, Arnie, Kurt and Sly. Stuff like fight’n, shoot’n, how ta fall without hurt’n yourself. An’ I hurt myself … a lot. Mum always yelled: “Tara-Lee Robinson …” Yeah, I changed my name … sue me … so she yelled “Tara-Lee Robinson, stop tryin’ to be a boy and start acting like a good gal should or, so help me god, I’ll beat the gal into you.” Yeah, acting like a girl … I left that to my brother Max… he got beaten up by the whole town, so he came with me to the big city when I ran. Found a place on the skirts and I found some gigs in crime-CSI-stuff. Max always came with and they found out he was pretty good with make-up. An’ then I got that big gig … big picture with a lotta kaboom an’ kablooie … everythin’ was great … till on first day of shoot’n those motherfrack’n zees came … just one moment to the next they were ev’rywhere on set, bit’n an jawin’ around… damn hell, they even got Maxie… Had to bash his head in with a camera tripod … yeah … An’ now I’m here … So what was your tragedy?”



By: Sarah Radev

Before the zombies came, Gilbert had been top of his class in college where he’d been in his first year of studying forensic psychology. The dead fascinated him and their stories drew him in in a way the living never could. His studies had been everything to him, his entire world, for he had no time for frat parties, sports or girls as the other guys did. In fact, Gilbert had never had much time for other people in general. Even as a small child he had found them confusing and unpredictable and he’d learned very quickly how best to avoid them. Even his own parents had never really understood him, always pushing him to play with the other children, be sociable, be like everyone else. Except he wasn’t. He never had been.

He always hated leaving the peaceful quiet of the library to return to his dorm room each evening, because he could never be sure what he was going to find there. His roommate, Derek, was the partying type and frequently played loud music and had girls around squealing and flicking their hair, and touching his things. He hated it.

The last evening he made the journey back to his room he took his usual route up the back staircase, because nobody else ever used this way. When he pushed through the door onto his floor, he was aware there were others milling about slowly, but he followed his usual habit of strictly avoiding eye contact. He followed the familiar corridor down to his door, number 312. He could hear the music blaring as usual and braced himself before swinging open the door.

What greeted him looked like a crime scene from one of his textbooks, and for a moment he experienced a rush of adrenaline and excitement, until he realized this was real. There was red blood smeared everywhere, over his bed, over the cupboards, and streaked down the windows. And there was Derek lunging towards him with vacant eyes and gnashing jaws that seemed to want to sink teeth into Gilbert’s soft skin. If there was one thing Gilbert was good at it was avoidance, and as Derek tried to catch him in his grasp, Gilbert ducked down and swung himself to freedom out the door and back into the corridor.

For the first time he realized that the other students in the corridor weren’t students at all…at least not anymore. Half a dozen vacant eyes turned on him as he bolted for his escape exit. They weren’t going to catch him though, for he knew all the escape routes.

Gilbert had never liked people, but the dead…they were far more predictable. Now he uses his skills of avoidance and is at peace in the new world of the dead, where there are no expectations.



By: Karen Henry

Even before the zombies came Corinne knew how to survive on the streets. She had lived on them her whole life.

Corinne was 12 when her mom died. She never knew her dad. So when her mom died, Corinne was on her own. There was nowhere else for her to go, so the streets of the city remained Corinne’s home and the street people remained her family.

Living on the streets was tough for everyone, but especially tough for someone alone. Corinne did whatever was necessary to survive. She didn’t like some of the things she had to do, but she did them all without remorse. Corinne was a survivor.

One rainy night, while Corinne was huddled in a back alley doorway trying to keep dry, she heard the sound of shuffling footsteps coming towards the doorway. “It’s probably just a f’in drunk looking for a place to get out of this f’in rain”, she whispered. “I’m sure the shit I hear on the streets, that flesh-eating undead are in the city, is just a sick rumor started by some really sick bastard. I know what I hear is just a cold, wet drunk wanting my dry doorway.”

Corinne hoped that shouting and waving the hammer she found in the alley would scare the drunk away. She was tired and not in the mood for a fight. So, when the drunk got close enough to see her, Corinne stood up and waved the hammer above her head. “Get the f… out of here”, she shouted. To her surprise the man continued to shuffle towards her as if he didn’t see the hammer or hear the shouting. She shouted again. Something wasn’t right. Closer and closer he came. Then his foot hit the first of the steps leading to the doorway where she was standing. Down he went, falling onto the concrete. Corinne didn’t even stop to think as she slammed the hammer into his skull. As he laid on the rain-soaked steps, she kicked him over onto his back. It was only then, as she bent down to get a closer look, that she noticed that half of his face and most of his chest were missing, and the putrid odor of decaying flesh was permeating the air around her. “Oh shit!” she gasped. “The rumor is true. The undead are here in the city!”



By: Michael Harding

Before the zombies came, Bobbo and Pongo were the head clowns in a small traveling circus.  Their modest show would delight families all over.  Although friends, Pongo would often make fun of Bobbo for rarely turning off his character.  “All the world’s a stage and I am just clowning around on it”, Bobbo would answer.

The circus soon took its show to the city.  Although Bobbo and Pongo had heard talk of some weird things happening to people in the city, they still went.  Being performers they believed that the show must go on.  And it did.

After the show, Bobbo walked back to his trailer.  He saw Pongo heading his way.  As Pongo walked toward him, Bobbo thought he was playing some dark game.  Pongo’s makeup hid his pale skin, and the bright colors of his costume hid the blood stains that were there.  It wasn’t until the last moment that Bobbo noticed these differences in his partner.  When Pongo opened his mouth to bite, the foul stench of death exhaled from the monstrous clown’s face.  While pressed against the wall of his trailer by the advancing beast, Bobbo reached for something to use to fight back.  His hand closed around an object leaning nearby and he swung it.

It seems that a rubber mallet won’t kill a zombie, but it does give you a moment to escape.



By: Karen Henry

Even before the zombies came Elizabeth wasn’t your typical 19 year old. Elizabeth had been a mean, bratty, whiny, greedy and self-centered child all her life. When Elizabeth was 4, while beating her horse, Sweetpea, with a crop, for not going fast enough; Elizabeth was thrown to the ground and landed hard on her head. As the next 15 years passed, Elizabeth never grew up and she stayed that horrible child that she was when Sweetpea threw her to the ground. She looked 15 years older but her mind and her emotions remained those of a 4 year old child…a mean,bratty, self-centered, 4 year old child.

Elizabeth was spoiled rotten. Anything and everything she wanted Daddy got her. It made no difference what it was or what price had to be paid for it. Daddy would get it for his Elizabeth. If Elizabeth wanted it, Elizabeth would get it. Nothing was too much for Daddy’s Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth heard that there was a new candy store opening in the city, she wanted to go. She wasn’t concerned about the news story she had just heard on the television, the one that said flesh-eating zombies were on the streets of the city. Elizabeth really didn’t care about that at all because Elizabeth wanted Daddy to take her to the city; Elizabeth wanted Daddy to take her to the new candy store; Elizabeth wanted Daddy to GET HER A LOLLIPOP!  So, Daddy took her to the new candy store in the city to get her a lollipop.

When Elizabeth and Daddy got to the candy store, the streets were deserted.The candy store was closed, but that wasn’t going to keep Daddy from getting his dear Elizabeth her lollipop. “Hurry up, Daddy. Open the door. I want a lollipop”, Elizabeth whined. Once Daddy got the door opened, Elizabeth ran into the candy store to get her lollipop. While she was trying to decide which flavor lollipop she wanted, she heard Daddy scream. She turned and there in front of her was Daddy. An ugly lady in a candy store apron was biting him. Elizabeth didn’t move. She didn’t move because she hadn’t yet chosen her lollipop.

After Daddy fell to the floor in a bloody heap, Elizabeth chose the lollipop she wanted. Then the ugly candy lady started walking toward Elizabeth and her lollipop. “Stay away from this lollipop.This is my lollipop. It’s mine”, she shouted. “Daddy will pay for it. Stay away from this lollipop! It’s mine!” The candy lady didn’t even slow down. She came closer and closer to Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s lollipop. On the candy counter beside the lollipop display Elizabeth spied a sharp knife used to cut the fudge. She put down her lollipop and grabbed the knife. “It’s mine! This lollipop is mine”, she shouted one more time. Then Elizabeth started stabbing the ugly candy lady over and over with the fudge knife. Finally, after Elizabeth stabbed her in the eye, the candy lady dropped to the floor. Elizabeth stabbed the ugly candy lady one more time as she said, “I told you, this is my lollipop. This is mine.This one is my lollipop.” Then she lifted her head and looked around the candy store. It was then that Elizabeth realized something wonderful happened. “Oh wow”, she laughed. “Guess what?  All the lollipops are mine.”



By: Guy Matte

Before the zombies came, I was an accountant. I managed the finances of a medium size workshop that made bearings. How did I survive? Here is a copy of my blog. You’ll find the answer there. There is no tale of bravery, no grand heroism. But there is one essential lesson: survival of the fittest is ultimately survival of the prepared.

Extract from Ogilvy’s Blog:

Wow, what a day! Had to run to work ‘cause I missed the bus, and then got yelled at by the supervisor. I just wish he’d die already! 85 and still kicking! Gosh. At least, I have Anna to look forward to. Yup, looking and that’s it. She is not into smart and successful guys; she is more into the “dumb,muscled,good-looking” type of guys. But hey…that’s life.

Weird news airing lately: strong case of the flu or rabies or something that kills fast and from which people have virtually no protection. Glad I have my gas mask to protect me. Guess I should getting more supplies together to take to my cabin in the woods. Hope everyone is well. As soon as I’m done here, I’ll put on the mask and run to the surplus store, maybe get a backpack or some binoculars. One can never be too prepared.

Oh my god! The dead are living! I was on my way home from work and this little old lady got hit by the bus! She simply stood up and kept on walking! Then some random guy went to her to ask if she was ok and she bit his head off…literally bit his head off! The government is telling everyone to stay home. Stay home, no way! I’m leaving for the cabin soon. I’m glad I planned this cabin. Everything I need is there: shelter, food, water, weapons, firewood and, if I need it, another gas mask.

Have to go and run from here! There is no protection in a 16 story building!?! The dead are already inside! They got the second and third floor for themselves. Got my gas mask! Maybe I can make it to my cabin. I think I can get away from here but…gosh, I wish I had a gun…or a crow bar or… anything! My advice? Run, run for your lives and don’t look back! Run to a safe location and STAY there!!!



By: Jakob Pfafferodt

Police Report (two days before the zombies came):

The above individual is a known member of The Roughnecks, a motorcycle gang known for its petty criminal activities. Andy’s position and role in the gang is unknown. He is often seen in the company of two other members of the gang. They are known as: Bigelow and Kirk.

Prior Arrests:
1. Shoplifting-age 12
2. Underage Drinking-age 15
3. Petty Theft-age 16
4. Petty Theft-age 18
5. Public Intoxication-age 21
6. Petty Theft-age 21
7. Disorderly Conduct-age 25
Public Intoxication
8. Shoplifting-age 30
9. Loitering-age 42
Possession of Marijuana
10. Loitering-age 45
Making Terrorist Threats
Accomplice to Assault

1. Warning
2. 6 month Community Service-successfully completed
3. 6 month Community Service; 6 month Probation-successfully completed
4. 1 year Probation-successfully completed
5. 6 month Probation; State Alcohol Rehabilitation Program-successfully completed
6. 30 days in the city jail; additional 6 months probation-successfully completed
7. 15 days in the city jail; 1 year probation-successfully completed
8. Charges dropped; Ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation (outcome unknown)
9. Ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation (outcome unknown)
10. Sentence Pending-Hearing Date to be Determined


Andy appears to be a petty thief with alcoholic tendencies. His affiliation with the members of The Roughneck motorcycle gang enables him to partially control his addiction to alcohol. He considers the gang his family and will do whatever he can to ensure their safety.



By: Jakob Pfafferodt

Police Report (two days before the zombies came):

The above individual is a known member of The Roughnecks, a motorcycle gang known for its petty criminal activities.  Bigelow appears to be the “muscle” of the gang. Do not, however, underestimate his intelligence.  He is often seen in the company of two other members of the gang.  They are known as:  Kirk and Andy.

Prior Arrests:
1.  Assault-age 11
2.  Making Terrorist Threats-age 16
3.  Criminal Mischief-age 19
4.  Criminal Trespass-age 24
Petty Theft
Resisting Arrest
5.  Accomplice to Simple Assault-age 33
Accomplice to Battery
Disorderly Conduct
Weapons Possession
Resisting Arrest

1.  Counseling (school related)-successfully completed
2.  Warning
3.  6 month Probation-successfully completed
4.  1 year Probation-successfully completed
5.   Sentence Pending-Hearing Date to be Determined.

Bigelow is a follower.  He is a experienced fighter and enjoys showing his strength.  He would rather fight than flee.  Bigelow uses his strength and fighting ability to defend himself and the other members of his gang.  Beware of his ‘never give up’ attitude.



By: Jakob Pfafferodt

Police Report (two days before the zombies came):

The above individual is a known member of The Roughnecks, a motorcycle gang known for its petty criminal activities.  Kirk appears to be in a leadership position.  He is often seen in the company of two other members of the gang. They are known as:  Bigelow and Andy.

Prior arrests:
1.  Shoplifting-age 14
2.  Curfew Violation-age 15
3.  Driving While Intoxicated-age 18
Underage Drinking
Fleeing by Vehicle
Resisting Arrest
4.  Criminal Trespass-age 23
Petty Theft
Fleeing by Foot
Resisting Arrest
5.  Reckless Driving-age 28
Fleeing by Vehicle
Resisting Arrest
Possession of Marijuana
Illegal Possession of a Firearm
6.  Disorderly Conduct-age 32
Resisting Arrest
Simple Assault
Weapons Possession

1.  Warning
2.  6 month Community Service-successfully completed
3.  6 month Probation; State Alcohol Rehabilitation Program-successfully completed
4.  1 year Probation-successfully completed
5.  30 days in the city jail; 1 year Probation-successfully completed
6.  Sentence Pending-Hearing Date to be Determined


Kirk is a hot-head and dislikes authority.  He is not cowardly but would rather flee than fight. He will not abandon the other members of The Roughnecks for his own well being. When cornered he will fight until overpowered.



By: Karen Henry

Before the zombies came, Yuriko followed the rules and teachings of her samurai ancestors. She was a descendant of the Minamoto clan of warrior nobility. She lived like the samurai women before her. She could wield a naginata and use the kaiken. She could protect herself, her household, and her family. She was humble, obedient, self-controlled, strong, and loyal. But Yuriko wanted to be more.

The path of the samurai warrior is one of honor. Yuriko wanted to walk that path of honor. She wanted to be a samurai warrior. So Yuriko studied the bushido, the way of the warrior, and she followed its warrior code. Yuriko excelled in the Japanese martial arts. She lived, trained, and fought like the samurai warrior. As the samurai before her, Yuriko believed that her fate had already been determined and she knew it was her fate to be a samurai warrior.

What Yuriko couldn’t know was that her fate would lead her into the city and into many battles. Battles that would sorely test her skills as a samurai warrior, as well as, her loyalty, her strength, her bravery, and her honor.



By: Jakob Pfafferodt

Before the zombies came, Wallace was a police sergeant. He was a hard, tough, street cop that didn’t take anything from anyone. Some days he loved his job and some days he hated his job. But he was good at his job everyday.

A week before the first zombie attacks, a hardened street gang came into the city and started stirring up all kinds of trouble. When the police cornered them in the mall and tried to detain them, a fight ensued. One officer was killed and another was critically injured. After Wallace and the other officers took down the gang members, the only thing Wallace could think of was how happy he was that Keisha, his wife, wasn’t shopping at the mall that day – not only because she could have gotten hurt, but because he wanted her to know him as the kind, loving husband he was, and not as the hard-ass cop who beat the gang leader senseless for coming into his city and hurting his people. Wallace always knew that he was both, but he wanted Keisha to only see the loving and caring husband.

A week later, when Wallace heard that zombies were biting, killing and even eating people in the city; he knew that Keisha would soon see the side of him that he had kept hidden from her. But by that time it wouldn’t matter. His being a tough, street-wise cop would be the only thing that could keep them alive. He knew Keisha would see that cop in him, but he also knew that Keisha loved him unconditionally and his being tough was not going to change that. She called him the love of her life and said she would never let him go. And he knew he would never, ever let her go either. Together they would remain strong and make it through to the end.



By: Karen Henry

Before the zombies came, I was a lost soul. I was a trained killer, trained to kill my country’s enemies. I was the best at what I did. I was always better than I needed to be.

Then I came home. My body was home but my mind wasn’t. I was in a bad place. A place that I didn’t want my friends or family to be near. So I left.

I was dead to all who knew me. When I walked the streets of the city, I was dead to all those around me. I wanted to remain a lost soul. I wanted to stay forever in the death-like haze that surrounded me.

Then the zombies came and I knew it was time to leave the haze that had comforted me for so many years. I am returning. I will kill my country’s enemies once more.

I have returned from my death.

I am Revenant.



By: Karen Henry

Before the zombies came, Hattori was a student of Japanese martial arts. Practicing the art of ninjutsu and its system of life guidance was a big part of his life. Hattori was a descendant of the Shinobi dynasty. His ancestors were ninja and although they were peasants and farmers, much honor was bestowed upon them for their skills. Ninja blood flowed through Hattori’s veins.

Hattori had learned much and the time for his testing would come soon. He would be tested by his sensei and the other ninja masters. Hattori hoped he would honor his ancestors and his family by passing the test and attaining the rank of master.

The day Hattori went into the city to be tested was the day the zombies came. The zombies were in the dojo when Hattori arrived. His sensei and the others were fighting for their lives. Hattori joined them in battle. His expert skills and inherent abilities were displayed for all to see. He fought like his ninja ancestors before him.

After the zombies were vanquished, Hattori looked around. The walls and floor of the dojo were covered with blood. The ninja masters were all wounded or dead.

Hattori went to his sensei, who was badly hurt, and knelt at his side. He lowered his head in respect. Then his sensei whispered to him, “Today, Hattori, you have completed a more difficult test than we had planned and you have not been found lacking. You have shown us that you are one who endures. Hattori, you are now a ninja master. I ask you to destroy these vile creatures. Go. Leave now. ”

Hattori walked slowly from the dojo. He was a ninja master, he would endure. His life had one purpose. He would kill zombies.



By: Karen Henry

Before the zombies came, the thought of Pine Forest Summer Camp brought peace and joy to Jenna. Jenna had been accepted as a first year counselor at the camp. She thought getting that job was the best thing that could have ever happened to her. She loved the camp as a camper and now, being a counselor there made it even better. Her friend, Stacy, was also accepted as a first year counselor and Jenna thought that this would be their greatest summer at the camp since that summer they met there, when they were eight.

Both Jenna and Stacy were glad to get out of the city for the summer. The heat of the city seemed to stifle them and a concrete pool couldn’t compare with the lake at the summer camp. They had also heard reports of a new flu-type epidemic that was starting to affect the citizens of the city, so they were glad to leave that behind for the healthy outdoors of Pine Forest.

After getting off the bus, Jenna, Stacy, and the rest of the staff walked to the cabins. They all would help get the cabins aired out and ready for the campers. The campers would arrive the next day and everyone of them would be ready for a summer of fun.

The next day the campers arrived. Everyone was having a great time greeting their friends and running to their assigned cabins; shouting and laughing along the way. Finally, the chaos of the day settled and it was time for the first of many bonfire sing-a-longs, then bedtime and lights out. Everything was going well that first day of camp. Just as it always did at Pine Forest Summer Camp.

As Jenna grabbed her jacket for the bonfire, she realized just how very happy being at Pine Forest Summer Camp had made her. She was sure Stacy and all the staff and campers felt the same.

But that was before the zombies came.



By: Karen Henry

Before the zombies came and before being called to the priesthood, I was a student of karate. I was skilled in the martial arts and honed those skills to perfection. I practiced relentlessly and became a karate master. My skills were known world wide. Then I was called to the priesthood.

After years of education and study I became a priest. I believed in the seven heavenly virtues and lived my life accordingly. It is written that one cannot enter heaven without having these virtues, so they became part of my being. My life’s main goal was entering the kingdom of heaven when called home by the Lord. But that was then, before the zombies came.

Now the zombies are in my city and literally, all hell has broken loose. These are Satan’s spawn sent from the bowels of Hell to destroy us. Stopping these demons calls for divine intervention. My job as priest has just gotten harder. I know God wants me to be part of a holy war against these unholy creatures. So I will use all my skills to deliver these wicked ones back to the unholy place from which they came. This is a holy cause.

I am still the same Father MacGruber, a man of the cloth, but now, I kick ass for the Lord.



By: Paul Phillips

Before the zombies came, Paul was an IT Professional. But that was just his day job. Something to pay the bills and to make everybody believe he was just your average Joe. In reality, he was a hunter. Just not the kind of hunter you may think of when you hear the word. He was a big game hunter of another kind. His game included vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, ghosts, demons, and all kinds of monsters most people would never believe even existed … at least until zombies turned out to be real. In other words, Paul is a paranormal investigator, and more often than not, eliminator.

So, for Paul this is all just in a day’s work. He has saved the world more times than he can even count, but was always able to do so in a way that kept the rest of the world in the dark about the truth. Little Johnny and Jilly were able to sleep tight in their beds believing that monsters were just in the movies. This time is different.

Having had more than his fair share of people who proved untrustworthy, caused Paul to become jaded for a while; unwilling to trust anybody, a bit of a loner. But he has since learned to turn that into an asset. He trusts few, but to those who prove worth his trust, he is fiercely loyal (and even has scars to prove it). His experiences in life have also given him a bit of a temper when pushed. Many of his friends suspect part of the reason he became a hunter in the first place was for an excuse to get out some of that anger in a constructive way.

He tends to hunt with a pack of his closest friends and fellow hunters, but is also known to go where help is needed. So, it was a no-brainer (pun intended) for him to join up in the hunt for survival against the crawling, biting, scratching undead. And, really, with his experience, who would you rather have on your team?



By: Christopher Britton

Before the zombies came Christopher was an Engineer. He’d been burning the midnight oil for a couple decades to work toward his goal of moving out to a piece of quiet farm property, and to support his habit of acquiring and shooting large guns. The bigger the better. Anything that turns money into smoke, loud noises and destroyed targets has to be good. Right?

All those years of work were finally starting to pay off. Christopher had secured some farming property out in the ‘boonies’ a few miles from his house and went over and worked the farm on the weekends to get it ready as a retirement farm getaway. All the good stuff, cows, chicken, pigs, even some low maintenance crops and a small pond. Everything you’d need to get away from it all one day.

Weekly trips to the rifle range he built out on the farm and occasional hunting trips kept the trigger finger sharp and shooting irons well oiled.

Well … retirement never came.. But the ZOMBIES did! Christopher was on his way back from the farm one morning. He had just pulled up to his gate at his house when he noticed a flock of buzzards crowding over something on the side of the road down near his fence. Thinking it was road kill, he grabbed a shovel from the back of his truck and headed over. What he saw when he got there stopped him. It was a human body … At first he went for his cellphone to call in a possible hit and run … But wait … this was no car accident victim. The middle aged male was dressed only in jeans and a shred of a now bloody T-shirt. Bite marks covered his forearms and chest. But these weren’t marks from the birds…or even a dog … These were human bite marks! Just then the body jerked and a haggard hand quickly snatched a bird and pulled it towards his mouth. A sickening crunch later and the bird fell in half as the thing looked up at Christopher. It rolled over to a kneeling position and lunged. The shovel quickly came up to fend off the zombie and knock it on its back. The zombie, as it toppled over, kept hold of the shovel, snatching it from Christopher’s hands. The grisly thing had barely landed before Christopher had started the dash for his open truck door. Christopher retrieved a rifle from his back seat rack and turned and fired just as the zombie had closed to 8 feet. A solid body shot from a rifle meant to shoot dangerous game, like cape buffalo and elephant at 300 yards, sent the zombie’s head into the air and one arm, still attached to the shoulder, off to the side. Its chest exploded leaving a waist down torso that was flung back 10 feet and collapsed into a crumpled pile of meat.

“Where there’s one…there will be more…. Someone…er…something bit that poor fellow and is still out there…out here…close by maybe…. And whatever it is…it‘s infectious and spreads” Christopher thought to himself. “ Well…I gotta get out of the city and get to the farm!”

Christopher ran into his house and grabbed a couple items and tossed them into a pillowcase and headed back out to his truck.

By this time you could already hear the police and emergency vehicle sirens in the distance, from all directions. The radio in the truck had switched over to an emergency broadcast mentioning rioting and cannibals. Just then, Christopher saw a window in his neighbor’s house being busted out with a chair. His neighbor’s wife jumped out of the window and start running, screaming all the while. A few seconds later her husband, bloody from the neck down with his clothes in taters, jumped out. He was growling and started to give chase. KABOOM!! The zombie’s abdomen blew apart and was thrown back through the broken out window. The pelvis with one leg attached made a wet thud sound as it missed the window opening and smacked against the house.

“Another satisfied customer”, Christopher mused…



By: Phil Petry

The twins were on vacation from New Zealand with their parents when they first realized something did not seem right with the world. Then, while they were enjoying a trip to a theme park, they saw a small child attacking and biting another child. Then suddenly, all around them, people were attacking and biting other people. There was panic and chaos everywhere. They wondered what was going on. The twins remembered a zombie movie marathon they watched a few weeks before. This chaos was just like the scenes in the zombie movies. Could this really be happening?

Jade and Tyler were scared. Looking around they couldn’t see their parents. The twins were wondering if they would ever again see their parents and their home, but they knew that they needed to keep their heads about them and work together. They shared a look and a silent communication passed between them, then they ran and hid away out of sight. While hiding they decided on a plan of action. Jade and Tyler decided they needed to: stay away from people, find some weapons, find their parents, not get separated from each other, and not get bitten by the zombies.

After the chaos ended Jade and Tyler exited their hiding place and surveyed the carnage. They looked but couldn’t find their parents and again wondered if they would ever again see them. With tears in their eyes, they left the theme park hand in hand. Jade and Tyler knew they would miss their parents and their home but the twins also knew that they could overcome anything as long as they stuck together.