Player Starting Area Mat: This contains information on the actions that can be performed at the Player Starting Area.

Villain Starting Area Mats: These mats are used for the Villain Starting Area and will contain information on the Villain and Player requirements for the game.

Location Mats: The places where the citizens visit when trying to defeat the villain and save the day. The Asylum, The Cemetery, The Church, The Farm, The Forest, The General Store, and The Residential Neighborhood are included with the base game!

24-card Location decks: Each deck is loaded with perils and possible help. Will you find the much needed pistol or will you be attacked by a giant spider?

24-card Villain decks: These depraved, deadly deviants are what drive the action in Slaughterville. Each villain comes with their own win condition and rules for the players. These decks serve as the life and main method of terror for the Villains. Will the Cannibals invite you for dinner or will you become part of the Body Snatcher’s swarm? Will the Serial Killer practice his deadly art on you and your friends or will the Beast Within finally be released?

Character cards: These cards represent those tried and true horror staples like the Nerd or the ever appreciated Hottie. Can the Jock save the town or will the Spiritualist cleanse the evil? You can only be sure by working together!

  • 12 Dice
  • 6 Player Pawns
  • 1 Villain Pawn
  • 60 Chitboard Wound/Clue Tokens
  • 1 Chitboard First Player Token
  • 1 Rulebook



Will you and your friends survive your stay in Slaughterville? Only time will tell and it’s running out quickly. So grab your ALLIES, a handy Shotgun, and discover some long lost CLUES and maybe, just maybe, you can stop the spread of evil and save Slaughterville.

For anyone who ever screamed at a horror movie, “What are you doing?! Don’t go in there! What are you thinking?!”, here is your chance to make your own choices. Slaughterville takes you on a journey through a town that just happens to be host to numerous supernatural and horrific phenomena. Will you defeat the villain, or become yet another hapless victim? Abandon all hope, ye who enter Slaughterville!

During the game, you play the role of one of Slaughterville’s citizens. Each one of these citizens has a special ability that can help you save the day.